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    Looking for Jogging Buddy in the early mornings

    Hi all, I am in need of a jogging buddy to motivate me to run, preferably in the early mornings. I stay near to Bukit Batok Nature Park so feel free to PM me if you are able to jog with me! Looking to start my run at about 4.30am-5am (depending on the distance) and end before 5.45am. Other...
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    WTB >10 months Fitness First Membership

    Hi all! As the title states, I'm looking for membership of more than 10 months, passport membership for all outlets access, remaining contract period doesn't matter to me as I would want to bring someone along for free on weekends. Please PM me if you have the stated and intend to transfer. I...
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    Fat people lose weight together?

    Hey! I stay near to bukit batok nature park and prefers jogging too! PM me!