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    Article Women and weight training, toning, etc

    Great reminder to not get caught up in the marketing jargon and just get to work and building muscle!
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    Foods to eat to add weight

    Avocados are also good. They have lots of healthy monounsaturated fat. Any kind of oil can be added to things to add some calories- flaxseed oil or grapeseed oil drizzled on salads, in soups, etc can boost the calorie count in a healthy way.
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    Article Sleep: The Missing Component - Part I

    These are great tips, but unfortunately not realistic for me. I have a toddler. There is no such thing as uninterrupted 8-hour sleep sessions when you have a toddler. I'm hoping that one day I will achieve 8 hours of sleep in one session, someday... meanwhile, I take my sleep in the snatches I...
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    Water Help To Loss Weight

    I drink quite a lot of water- I go through about 4-5 pitchers a day, I just refill them as I finish them and keep one next to my computer at my desk and sip all day. I think it does help with weight loss- there was a study that showed people who drank a glass of water before each meal consumed...
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    Anyone Tried The Mediterranean Diet?

    I think this is a really good way to eat. Including the fruits and vegetables, too, of course! I try to include healthy fats in my diet and we eat eggs almost every day. It is a great protein source.
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    What Diet Works For You?

    I do two-week stints of limiting all grains and sugars and anything that contains them and I drop off the pounds. I also during those stints eat every 2-3 hours- 3 meals and small snacks all the other times- so I am never hungry. I still eat fruit and vegetables because I can't do a truly...
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    Fiber to help weight lost

    Another good option for fiber is psyllium supplements- you need to drink a lot of water when you take them, but they are a great way to boost fiber intake and are still all-natural.
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    St John's Wort or 5HTP for depression?

    My best friend has been taking St John's Wort for depression, but it doesn't seem to be helping her much. Someone told us about 5HTP and said it is better, but I don't know anyone who has taken it. Does anyone know anything about this supplement for depression?
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    Regulate Blood Sugar

    I like adding cinnamon to things as a blood-sugar regulating aid. I had not heard about ALA for the same reason, though. I'll have to try that one, too.
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    Discuss Pregnant and proud at the age of 15

    I feel sorry for the baby- a smoking mother does so much damage to the baby and there is no way to reverse it after birth. she has no idea what she is in for- and nor does the guy. If he does marry her, I'm sure he will divorce her within a few years. This girl desperately needs some counseling...
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    Walking: Exercise

    I prefer walking outside even in the heat and humidity... I grew up in a tropical climate though, so maybe that is why I don't mind it so much...
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    Wisdom tooth

    I had mine removed at 17 because they were coming out was painful, but not unbearable. They give you lots of anesthetic when they remove the teeth, so it doesn't hurt then, it just hurts afterwards when the pain meds wear off! If you need temporary instant relief before you get them...
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    Treating Stretch Marks – Facts and Myths

    Sigh... I thought I was going to be really worried about my stretch marks from pregnancy- I had a big one that appeared right around the start of the last month...however, after an emergency C-section, the scar from that overshadows my stretch marks entirely. They DO fade with time, though...
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    McDonald's Reveals Its Restaurant Secrets

    Interesting insight into their operations- it is amazing how streamlined they have everything, down to the exact number of seconds each thing cooks for...quite an impressive operation
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    Vitamin Water Deception

    Even fruit juice is better- it contains plenty of nutrients, just not all of the fiber of whole fruit. Why people waste money on stuff like vitamin water is beyond me!