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    Mount Fabre Safra energy one gym

    Hi! I have little to no experience in gym! Want to build up starting this year! Will appreciate if I can find an experienced gym buddy who preferably can gym perhaps three times a week? We can work out the time together!
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    Looking for a buddy

    Hey same thoughts here but I'm not experienced. I'm thinking of Safra mount Fabre gym.
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    SAFRA Gym

    Hi! Which Safra do you gym at
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    Looking for a gym partner at Delta Clubfitt gym

    Hey I'm finding someone to gym too but I'm like total greenhorn in gym
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    Looking for gym buddy

    Hey Brian I want to get serious and hit the gym too and I stay in telok blangah. Exchange contact?
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    Fats off challenge event.

    Hi is it still on?