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    WTS WTS X-Fit studio

    For students : Interested for some workout, reducing weight, gaining weight or tone up your body? Don’t hesistate to contact us (X-Fit studio). Group classes or individual for TRX, cross training, zumba etc all welcome. Do look for us at 36 joo chiat road. For instructors: Looking for place to...

    Just joined the gym and have a few questions

    What do u wanna achieve? A very tone body or just solely losing weight? U can contact me tell me more I can advise u on how to do it right and very effectively

    How do Olympic Lifters get those backs?

    Chin up? Those with back of neck going under the bar instead of the regular one where your chin will be over the bar

    Discuss How to have a flat tummy for beginner..

    Depend how much u wanna shave. Maybe u could try elaborate to me what u wanna achieve then maybe from there I can assist u on what to do but diet is definitely very important In fact it 70-80% of what u must include in your workout