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    Fitness partner at Punggol

    Hi, dunno if you're still looking for a workout buddy, I will be slowly moving to punggol and am also looking for a workout buddy. I currently have a anytime fitness membership, but will also be up for other exercises! if you're interested, you can whatsapp me at 91520329
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    Gym/workout buddy around beauty world

    Hi people, I'm looking for gym/workout buddies around clementi/upper bukit timah area. I usually (well, used to) gym at anytime fitness at beauty world and usually do a strength training program, but if you're not into weight training, I can do statics or running to supplement my gym training...
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    Gym buddy for a newbie?

    Hi, I stay at clementi and usually workout at anytime fitness at beauty world and am looking for workout buddies to keep me motivated also. If you're keen, I don't mind going to the anytime fitness at Hillview also, or can do running or statics outside to supplement my gym workout.
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    Looking for a jogging partner near beauty world weekday morning 5.15am

    Hi, i stay at clementi, I don't mind jogging in the beauty world area if you're keen
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    Gym buddy west coast - Anytime fitness

    hi, i'm looking for a gym buddy too, i usually work out at anytime at beauty world, i don't mind trying out the one at clementi mrt also, I also have problem finding the motivation alone haha