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    Video When the cold wind blows

    BMT Top 10 Classic Hits
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    SINGTEL Pricing for iPhone 4S

    Pretty reasonable prices huh.. pretty same as iPhone 4
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    “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit” – an intentional 70 pound weight gain

    only 5 months ah. may to oct. he gonna take a much longer time to burn them fats man
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    Video So you think you can dance?

    sleeeek and suave
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    Picture Check in facebook somemore lah

    Facebook is becoming damn mother messy. What's wif the sidebar on the right? Some twitter inspired widget?! -.- irritating siol. They need to tone down. Make it more neat. One more thing the topbar is now like permanently fixated at the top. Maybe there shd be a choice to turn that off
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    Picture Comprehensive Overlook of Singapore's Rail

    Oh boy do need to transfer like... 10 times?! to get from one point to another
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    Sleep Facts Infographic

    Over 65 years old only need 6 hours of sleep a day! I used to think old ppl need more sleep
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    Stop Drink Driving

    Granny being so mean, never buy doll for boy
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    New skin suggestion

    yes consistency is important..
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    Revisiting 9/11: Unpublished Photos by James*Nachtwey

    Time flies eh, so fast 10 years passed liao. I remembered playing basketball on that morning when my friend broke the news to me hahaaaa.
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    Intriguing Jungle Gym

    so hardworking... vacation also need to workout so hard :0
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    How Sleep Position affects Sleep Quality

    Sleeping sideways or on ur back actually depends on ur head shape too. If the back of ur head tend to be more pointed then chances is u'll sleep sideways, vice versa if the back of ur head is "flatter" u'll tend to sleep on your back. Anyhow I don't see anything wrong with either ways...