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    Looking for gym buddy at Celebrity Fitness (Junction 10)

    hi u wanna join true fitness tgt im a girl
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    Gym buddy at bukit panjang

    Hi, i'm looking for a female gym buddy who lives in the west, bukit panjang. My gym membership just ended not long ago and i'm looking for someone to go swimming tgt. I'm looking to sign membership at tf or ff. but my budget is arnd 70-100/mth. We can go classes tgt, i lways go for yoga, zumba...
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    New here :) looking for gym partners

    Hi i can go gym with you. kakaotalk me @xiaoennix
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    WTS True Fitness All Club Access (valid till 28 Mar 2017)

    Im int. Monthly fee how mch?
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    Kfit all access pass- 200+ gyms for $20

    Kfit is still working?
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    True Fitness vs Amore Fitness

    I've tried both before. Amore is small and crowded but is more homely, they have alot of dance classes but more aunties. True fitness have more gym equipment and the classes are more of muscle training, the people there are super into fitness kind.
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    Looking for gym membership <1yr

    Looking for gym membership <1yr
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    Sold True Fitness (valid till 15 Nov 2016)

    Avail? Only tampines access?
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    Gym at west

    Whr do you normally gym?
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    Gym buddy

    Looking for a female gym buddy to go classes with me. I'm intending to sign up for gym membership and go to classes. I gym 3-4 times a week and its very boring to gym alone. Currently skinny with a little tummy fats, i wanna train to six packs, any gym hardcore wanna train with me lt? :)