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    Virtual posture assessments and training

    With the world going into a home-based approach to living, I'm bringing the world of health and fitness right to your living room! Im offering live sessions via several platforms such as zoom, skype, google hangouts or even Whatsapp and FB messenger. As always, sessions will start off with a...
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    Valentines promotion!

    Happy Valentines my lovely people! Given the current need to keep our immune systems up in times like this, what better way to present your loved ones, with the opportunity to improve their health and fitness in a safe, crowd-less environment! Starting today, and running an entire month, ill...
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    Year end promo back in order!

    Hola folks! Its that time of the year again! The year-end promotions are back to usher in the festivities. Some of you may know that i rarely dish out such goodies through the year, so here's one to look out for! Im slashing the rates for OFF PEAK slots, down to 70sgd/session. If you look up...
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    Peak hour slots opened!

    Hola folks. Ive managed to open up daytime/off-peak slots during the week. And that too at a discounted price :) Ive been posting here for some time already, but if you hadnt come across my previous posts; 10 years experience, specialising in - fat loss, - muscle toning -...
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    Need help?

    2018 was kind to me; I made the bold move to go into therapy based practices and added stretch therapy and massage therapy to arsenal along with trigger point therapy. So 2019 onwards, on top of - personal training for fat loss and muscle toning, - kickboxing/boxing fitness, - Online...
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    Looking for a Personal trainer

    have sent you a pm yo!
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    Festive year-end promotion!

    For those who have not seen my posts before - Im a fitness professional in this business for close to 9 years. I specialise in; Fat loss Muscle toning Kickboxing/boxing fitness Posture correction Stretch Therapy Trigger Point Therapy Massage Therapy
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    Festive year-end promotion!

    Im back again, for a year-end promotion. As i barely dish out promotions in the entire year, this is smth you might want to look into. Im giving out up to 5 FREE SESSIONS upon purchase of any of my packages. Slots are limited and based on a first come basis. I have also put in place a...
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    gymmboxx jcube anyone?

    looking for afternoon/lunchtime lifters during weekdays. can try late nights but very selective on this. i have the knowledge but lack the support and 'push'. get in and get out kinda lifter. hmu if anyone wants to train together, this is regardless of age or gender.
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    Yoga By The Lake!

    Hi folks! the class has been changed to sundays at 8am, and will resume on the 20th of may! Hit me for enquiries. See you there!
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    Yoga By The Lake!

    Yoga By The Lake; a new group class brought to you by Infitniti! What: Hatha Yoga Where: Chinese Garden, the open grass patch next to the hardcourt. More directions will be given upon registration. When: Saturday, 21st April. 8am - 9am. It's an ongoing class that will take place same time...
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    Opening up slots during the day!

    Due to my high demand in the evenings, im opening up more slots during the day(off-peak), at discounted prices. If ure looking into; Fatloss Muscle toning Core conditioning Kickboxing/boxing fitness Posture correction Nutrition counselling Then hit me up for more details. Training from 1-0n-1...
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    Still in search of a gym buddy in jurong

    a little out of the way for me. gyms in jurong would be easier for me.
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    Festive February promotions for Individual and Partnered PT!

    Welcome your Festive February promotion. * * In view of CNY and Valentines both swinging around the corner, we at Infitniti are offering the following slashed rates; * 88 per session for couple/partner training. U.P at 100 per session. Spaces avail for 3 couples only. * 10% discount on PT...
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    FREE Zumba Taster Session!!

    We still got a few more slots left folks!