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    Fitacent- single usage pass for gyms & studios

    interesting! question: how are you going to make the prices affordable?
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    Energym 247 @Bukit Timah CC

    ? looking for buddy or gym review
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    Losing 12kg in 2month( shall I try it? )

    diet and running can do the job. can add some weight training too.
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    Fitbit users?

    im not a user but i think it looks promising. perhaps someone shd consider bringing the product to sg
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    Joe Weider

    nice principles.. he is the one that started all of those? isn't those like general tips or facts?
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    Looking for a good fitness club near kembangan!

    u could try out Genesis Gym near Mountbatten. it is probably around the same travelling time when compared to the Tampines gyms mentioned by @LTC. it's a well stocked gym.. dumbbells up to 77kg (they claim they are the "Singapore’s best equipped training facility"). their website: Facilities...
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    5 life lessons

    good advice told in a novel way (y)
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    Dedicated to one of those power girls

    Before you came into my life this set was so bad. It was so bad. It was so so bad.
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    CCK ClubFITT closed for renovation 14 jan - 8 mar

    wow fast information!
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    1.618 - the golden ratio?

    what sorcery is this
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    Singapore comes in 8th place in best country to be born in 2013

    whoa USA at 16th place..
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    Singapore's Self-Tan Boutique -

    how long does delivery take?
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    What is your supplement stack??

    @Jay not really that i don't like sweet stuff. hahaha. it's more that i feel the mass gainers taste kind of weird, it's super sweet but there is this weird taste. maybe it's just my preference. i guess only need to spam food when bulking, more rice, bread, etc can do the job for me!
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    Pasir Ris ClubFITT

    paris ris clubfitt newest clubfitt in singapore. only opened last year!