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    Looking for Female Workout Buddy

    Great. Let's join the body attack class together on this Tuesday.
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    Looking for Female Workout Buddy

    I usually attend evening class @ Market street, ORQ & Tanjong pagar (capital tower or 100am).
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    Looking for Female Workout Buddy

    I am looking for female workout buddy (prefer someone who is interested in attending Body Attack, Body Combat or Body Pump Class). I can bring non-member to fitness first (CBD Area) on weekends so please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
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    WTB Fitness First (AIA Vitality) sgd136-140 per month

    I am interested to take over Fitness First AIA Vitality membership (sgd 136-140 per month). Prefer transfer fees borne by seller & I need 1 month notice to terminate my membership before taking over your membership. Thanks.
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    WTS Fitness first package

    share the transfer fees?
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    WTB Fitness First Using CBD branch during weekend

    I am willing to pay for weekends FF entry pass.
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    WTB Fitness First Platinum membership

    Hi, I would like to buy fitness first gym membership less than 10 months and for all club access. Please pm me. Thanks
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    WTB Fitness First Platinum membership

    I am looking for Fitness First Platinum membership. Please contact me>>>whatsapp 0173205069
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    Promotion FF membership

    I only want to sign for 1 outlet , what is the cost for membership per month
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    WTS Fitness First Membership (valid till 18 Mar 2019)

    PM whatsapp >>+60173205069