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    Gym buddy

    I PMed you.
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    1-1 scientific evidence-based personal training at an affordable price!

    Do you do training at Anytime Wisteria / Northpoint?
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    Anytime Fitness Buddy

    Hi, still looking for a gym buddy?
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    LF anytime fitness gym buddies

    hello, I am looking for a gym buddy too
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    Gym buddy

    Hi, you still looking for any gym buddy?
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    Looking for gym buddy at AF Northpoint / Wisteria

    workouts mostly to build mass and strength, 31, M. Would like to find someone whom we can workout together and motivate each other. Anyone?
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    Anytime Fitness Buddy @ AMK

    Found anyone? I frequent Yishun.
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    Finding a gym buddy

    Found anyone yet? Do you train at Yishun area?
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    Need gym kakis who goes to Anytime Fitness?

    Hey, interested to have someone else join in? I'm looking for people too.
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    Gym buddy @ AF admiralty/ sembawang/ yishun

    Found anyone yet? Where do you workout?
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    AF Yishun or Admiralty anyone?

    Hey, found anyone yet? I go to the AF at Yishun / Khatib.