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    Freelance female PT

    - nearly 5 years experience - ex pure fitness pt - strength / mobility / endurance / fat loss / weight gain - free mostly on weekend, have full time job DM me if you are interested! Cheers Sarah
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    Looking for Female Personal Trainer

    Hi Julia I'm based at West area. Am a freelance pt here. If u interested can disucss more on my background. Whatapps me 88148059)
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    Looking gym bud (serious training)

    Hi am looking for gym bud that who is into weightlifitng / swimming / mobility work and is serious while training towards goal, preferably on weekend either anytime fitness or gymboxx jurong. Weekday usually I'm based at boon lay branch. After that possibly could hang out together?
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    I am female trainer (freelance)

    Hi, I am certified pt, worked at pure fitness before as PT. I have experience in personal training and conducted group class for nearly 4 years. I personalize a tailored individual programme to all kind of clients depend on your goal from fat loss to powerlifiting. My specialty would be mobility...
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    Looking for gym & yoga

    Hi fitfam, may I know any gym and yoga classes near boon lay? Thanks
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    WTS Real yoga membership transfer

    Where is it based? All location accessed?
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    Fitness lover/ Certified PT

    Fitness lover/ Certified PT
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    Sold Gym Membership Transfer (Fitness First Tampines Branch) (valid till 1 Jun 2019)

    Gym: Gym Membership Transfer (Fitness First Tampines Branch) Membership valid till: 1 Jun 2019 Hi everyone. I have a 1 year plus left contract with fitness first at Tampines branch and would like to transfer my membership due to i will not be situated in Singapore anymore. Anyone who is...