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    Gym at west

    Amore if you prefer full ladies gym. Fitness first if you want to reward your eyes. Amore should be cheaper and fitness first has more outlet
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    Looking for a Gym buddy- true fitness

    Did you hit HarbourFront? I need a spotter but my weights may be too light for you / too heavy for me to spot you back.
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    Looking for Gym buddy at AMK True Fitness

    Try hit the classes. Once you have book the class, aim for those corner seats for indoor cycling. Soon you will get the feel of it. First few days at gym are the hardest. Try to overcome it and ignore the eyes.
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    Looking for motivated male gym partner. Into muscle definition.

    CCK / Gombak, gymboxx / active sg gym?
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    Looking for Female Gym Kaki @ True Fitness

    Amk has a few ladies that always hang out at the classes. But I am too shy to get their contacts. It worth the try to be regular in amk
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    Need your help: how to handle this case

    Log case. If you have proof that you did not go their gym such as capture on cctv or tap their card etc, then you can challenge them into civil court, and counter sue them back. But this is civil case, be prepared that your fitness club may have their own lawyer and under normal circumstances...
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    true fitness cancel membership

    No cancellation but you can transfer the membership to another person, and the person taking your membership cannot transfer out.
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    WTB True Yoga Black Card Membership

    If cost per month is your concern, try asking for their founder card. $8,888 for lifetime with yearly renew fee. In a decade, this card will cost $100 and less, plus it is a black card
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    Poor Experience in Tampines Fitness First

    Sisterl if you have time, can pop by to Malaysia branch? Hearsay saying that signing at my is cheaper than sg. I m not at fan for ff as my khakis are at tf le
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    Poor Experience in Tampines Fitness First

    If you need to link up with true fitness, I can introduce you either from amk or harbourfront. In terms of price war, activesg remain number 1. True fitness may be attractive for you other than activesg.
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    Is this dietary ok?

    i just returned back to my gym and want to know if this dietary is ok. my output: morning (light work out) 1-2 hours) evening (moderate work out 2-4 hours) My input: morning (3 slice wholemeal bread), noon (fish soup without rice and 50% of soup remaining) tea break (1 cup of baby tomato)...
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    Gym Kaki - True Fitness HBF - female only

    Just wack. People in class, are usually friendly. drink more water before class, as class give heat more than public area
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    Starting my gym session

    Ff is expensive. With their rate growing, by this year it will be $200 per month.
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    WTS True Fitness Membership Transfer (valid till 14 Apr 2017)

    Your nick sound like one of the person whom i know at AMK
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    Gym at west

    Give a try on a better gym that have classes. True Fitness @ AMK have couple of classes and it is usually fill with females. If you are keen on weights, I can help you to link up via my regulars. They know a couple of females that hit gym daily (weekdays).