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    Fitness Trainer

    Passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Looking to gain experience and level up my portfolio as a freelance personal trainer. As such, I will be charging just $1 per session (1hr) so feel free to drop me a message if you are serious/ ready to embark on becoming...
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    Im looking for crossfit instructors

    It will be cool to open a crossfit gym! looking forward to hearing more from you :)
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    Looking for weight-training gym buddies around north-east region

    Anchorvale ClubFit :) Friendly people, Helpful Instructors, Pleasant environment, quite spacious too, best gym in north east :)
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    Anchorvale CLUBFIT

    Hello Guys, Just thinking of maybe getting 1-2 gym buddies? hahaha Does not matter whether you are a guy or girl, as long as you love fitness and you have the dedication and motivation to train, feel free to talk to me :) I am definitely not a fitness guru but I am sure that we could...