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    WTS True Fitness Membership (valid till 9 Nov 2019)

    Hi Vivian , iam interested. Can you let me know your contact number or text me at 81387668 please ? Thanks
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    WTB Fitness First/True Fitness Till Dec 2018

    Hey , I would be interested. Can you text me please on 81387668. Thanks
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    WTB Urgent! Looking for True fitness membership

    Hi iam keen on True Fitness membership ending Dec 2018. Let me know if you still have it ? Thanks
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    WTB Buying True Fitness/Fitness First/Anytime Fitness membership until August 2018

    Hi iam looking for end of year but only True Fitness. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
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    WTS True Fitness One Month Trial membership (valid till 31 Dec 2019)

    Hi is it still available? If yes let me know how I can get it ?