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  1. stopbeinglazylol

    Looking for Committed Fitness Buddies

    hi where do u train
  2. stopbeinglazylol

    Looking for Female PT

    Hello, do you still want a gym trainer?
  3. stopbeinglazylol

    Fitness first friends

    Looking for FF friends! Strength training
  4. stopbeinglazylol

    Fitness first friends

    Msg me :-) strength training
  5. stopbeinglazylol

    Cheap PT Female Trainer

    23/F. Friendly and love working out. I've been doing this since 2014. I don't mind giving cheap personal training, you can quote your own price. Reason is I want to gain exposure with actual clients other than training my friends. Gymming can be so fun and exciting, and I wanna share all this...
  6. stopbeinglazylol

    WTS Anytime Fitness $88 (valid till 1 Jan 2020)

    hi all access? transfer fee? :D