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    SingTel creating Singlish version of SIRI

    Wah I see everybody use proper english in other threads then now all speak singlish? Why leh?
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    Why Do Sandwiches Taste Better When Someone Else Makes Them?

    So, according to the researchers, those who are trying to lose weight should prepare their own food so that they eat less of it? This does not apply to me at all. When I prepare a sandwich, I make sure that it's something I really like even though I made it myself. If I don't like it, why make it?
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    Any gyms near lakeside?

    I hate travelling on the train which is why I go to the gym in my condominium. The gym there is really small though so I can't do much. And yes, you're right, I'm currently schooling.
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    Any gyms near lakeside?

    My schedule is really tight so I don't really have the time to take the train all the way there. Going there and back takes about half an hour. I really need to find a gym nearby where I can quickly access.
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    Any gyms near lakeside?

    That's the gym I have to take a train to. It isn't really walking distance. It's about 2 stops away.
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    What kind of protein shake do you use?

    If you do, what kind of protein powder do you use and why? I use GNC's pro performance 100% whey protein. I bought it because it was available at IMM and I heard good things about it online. I'm thinking of getting Myotein's protein powder. Has anybody heard about that? Thanks.
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    Any gyms near lakeside?

    I want to join a gym but I don't want to join a gym that I have to take a train to. So is there any gyms walking distance away from the lakeside MRT station? Normally I take a train to pioneer and use the gym there but I can't go there too often because I have to take a train. Any help would be...
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    Bulldozer Bodybuilding Bulking System

    Cool. I might actually try this since I'm actually pretty skinny.
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    My home chest workout routine

    I think I'll let my muscles start getting used to the amount of dips I'm doing now and start doing them to failure after awhile. Maybe I'll add weights as well.
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    The reason you should do strength training

    Studies have shown that building muscle also helps to burn fat. Since your body needs calories to maintain the amount of muscles in your body, more muscles = more calories burned. The calories burn even while you are sleeping. I would say one of the best places to build muscle if you're trying...
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    Performing sit-ups to rid stomach fat myth

    For all the people trying to lose tummy fat - Don't do too many situps. Some extreme bodybuilders have rounded distorted abs instead of washboard ones. If your abs become like that, your fats will cover it and your stomach would actually LOOK fatter. That doesen't mean you should totally stop...
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    A little something for you guys.

    Wow big changes there. My bodyfat percentage is at 8% but I'm not nearly as ripped as the guy with 7% bodyfat. Better start working out more!
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    My home chest workout routine

    Ok so I am looking for some feedback on my chest workout routine. Pushups 6 x 20 Decline Pushup 6 x 15 Chest flyes 6 x 15 Dumbell bench press 6 x 15 Dips 6 x 10 Rest 45 seconds Basically I do 20 pushups, 15 decline pushups, 15 chest flyes,15 dumbell bench presses and 10 dips. I rest 45 seconds...
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    Video 24 Hour Ghetto Workout

    Pretty cool :D I could use some of the stuff here. To go to the gym I actually have to take a train to pioneer. I live in a condominium that has a gym below but it's really small so I can't really workout.
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    At the gym :)

    At the gym :)