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    What kind of protein shake do you use?

    If you do, what kind of protein powder do you use and why? I use GNC's pro performance 100% whey protein. I bought it because it was available at IMM and I heard good things about it online. I'm thinking of getting Myotein's protein powder. Has anybody heard about that? Thanks.
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    Any gyms near lakeside?

    I want to join a gym but I don't want to join a gym that I have to take a train to. So is there any gyms walking distance away from the lakeside MRT station? Normally I take a train to pioneer and use the gym there but I can't go there too often because I have to take a train. Any help would be...
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    The reason you should do strength training

    Studies have shown that building muscle also helps to burn fat. Since your body needs calories to maintain the amount of muscles in your body, more muscles = more calories burned. The calories burn even while you are sleeping. I would say one of the best places to build muscle if you're trying...
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    My home chest workout routine

    Ok so I am looking for some feedback on my chest workout routine. Pushups 6 x 20 Decline Pushup 6 x 15 Chest flyes 6 x 15 Dumbell bench press 6 x 15 Dips 6 x 10 Rest 45 seconds Basically I do 20 pushups, 15 decline pushups, 15 chest flyes,15 dumbell bench presses and 10 dips. I rest 45 seconds...