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    HELP ME!

    Not to mention maybe if you actually started training your legs too, it'd make some significant changes.
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    HELP ME!

    I'll put it across plain and simple for you. DIET.
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    When you register for their courses you have the option not to attend the lessons although it would be wise to. However fees are still charged completely based on the course itself and the exam included. This policy extends not only to ISA but also other certificate providers in Singapore
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    Lose fats Supplements question.

    Good effort in running 2.4km on a daily basis. That's a good start. But there ARE some things you should be informed of first. That is, your 2kg weight loss is probably all water weight, i.e. I'm very sure you'll have to do something about your diet before you consider taking any supplements...
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    Need some advice when doing "DEADLIFTS & SHRUGS"

    That's if we can find a gym like that that's available to public access. Them instructors bitch about deadlifts all the time.
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    Need some advice when doing "DEADLIFTS & SHRUGS"

    Straps will do. But I seriously dont think you might need them if you're not doing at least 2x your bodyweight.
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    Clarification on hypertrophy

    The 'king' now has a busted right glute and is no longer 'king' lol.
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    Clarification on hypertrophy

    You'll find that just focusing on strength now and training your CNS will give you the gains you want. Unless you have a strict-ass diet and access to good food, you won't be looking into the bodybuilding department anytime soon. As for your strength oriented endeavours...
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    Clarification on hypertrophy

    I don't think right now this is an issue for you but if you must know... It depends on the intensity of your training too.
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    read this before you buy diablo 3

    i got so pissed i ended up getting a digital version -.-
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    Misadventures of PWiD!

    It has been months since I've had the time to post on this website and my log, been busy with all the post-NS work and training I barely had time to sit back and relax. Now that university's about to start I can finally take a breather and make some updates on the gains I've made (: Squat: 140...
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    Who's Your Pick for Arnold Classic 2012?

    Evan centopani.
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    Oatmeal comics - people the gym

    Usually.... The bigger people I know definitely say smarter things than average people. Just ask the scarecrow, he knows plenty of people talk without using their heads.
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    Do you wanna beat

    Whom I'll beat? I think there's a long list for this if 'beat' was taken literally....
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    anyone tried P90X?

    And probably a lot of other supplements. But hey, as long as it works eh.
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    Misadventures of PWiD!

    Strapped. If I did it raw I'd probably only pull 3 reps
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    Misadventures of PWiD!

    After 2-3 months of stuffing food into my mouth, I have reached another milestone in my training. Shall stop the chugging and do some conditioning for my body. Feels like I've held up a lot of fat and water already... As of today's weigh-in - 91.1kg Flat bench - 120kg x 6 Squat - 120kg x 9...
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    My Cardio Record (Cake)

    T NATION | How to Perform the Human Flag
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    less advanced than singapore? hmm

    I really wanna know who made this question. So that half the world could smoke him till he's dead.
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    BREAKING NEWS Chiefs of SCDF and CNB arrested

    ... Corruption? I am, not surprised. Awkward.