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  1. PWiD

    Something more for you guys.

    I've been hearing this quite often from the people around me I want to, but I can't. Why? Because of... I can't do it as well as he does it. Why? He's talented. So I decided to share something I found in another board I frequent. 'Cuz I feel that while many of us can't be the strongest, the...
  2. PWiD

    A little something for you guys.
  3. PWiD

    New Balance Minimus

    Anyone knows if there're any being sold at queensway complex?
  4. PWiD

    Olympia 2011

    Phil Heath takes first! Jay Cutler falls behind in second. Kai Greene makes it into top five being the third!
  5. PWiD

    An average day at Gymkaki.

    Everyday we have at least 11 guests browsing through the forums. Now, it only takes anyone 5 minutes to sign up and be a part of this lovely community... I just hope many of you would take the initiative to do so and support your local forums (: It's good to know once in a while that you care...
  6. PWiD

    Promoting your goods

    I understand some of us here want to promote a certain goods or products that they are selling or supplying. While business is fair in all senses in a forum since contact is made between the buyer and seller without any complications from a third party, I have something important to say. You...
  7. PWiD

    Gym - Training, Ethics, Attitude 101

    Remember your first time in the gym? I did. I was forcefully dragged to it by my friends because of some phase in every dude's teenage life, trying to get stronger, fitter, et cetera. Remember your first time being actually motivated and inspired by that one person who's out there making it...
  8. PWiD

    Are you an animal?

    He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. - Ricky Bruch
  9. PWiD

    Celeb death battle?

    DEATH BATTLE! - Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black - YouTube
  10. PWiD

    Bikes and stuff.

    Anyone here has a class 2B license plus plus"?
  11. PWiD

    Random thoughts and events.

    I was so bored at work I picked up a 17kg tin of oil and started doing rows with it. Me and my friend challenged each other for a can of beer. We went at it for 200 reps per side. Ended up with a tie cause we did it in less than 30 minutes -.- Shall find out what other nonsense we can cook up...
  12. PWiD

    Random question

    Do we have a channel on cable TV that has boxing or something?
  13. PWiD

    Record breaker.

    New world record squat. This guy broke total lifts as well, benched, lifted, squatted 3000lbs total. Monster.
  14. PWiD


    Are we.... HMMMMM. p/s : I mean us Singaporeans
  15. PWiD

    Misadventures of PWiD!

    This will be a log (don't worry, I won't tell you about EVERYTHING in my routine ;)) on my sessions at the gym. Do spare me the shit about not doing enough exercises, I'm an old man who's on the edge of the couch ready to kick the bucket anytime. ... But anyway. Most of my philosophy, as...
  16. PWiD

    Do take pride in what you do

    Now, I'm not necessarily saying that all the 100++ members in this forum (as of August 2011) should keep a log on this forum, but I strongly believe that it is a good practice that each and every one of you practice a form of logging your training, be it weight lifting or other physical training...
  17. PWiD

    I think it's time.

    To see more people doing standing presses. Period.
  18. PWiD

    Got... FRIES?!

    Ever wished that Big McD's were less of a health threat? Ever wished that there were cheesier, more awesome fries than KFC's cheese fries? MORE of those chunky, fresh natural-cut fries that Mos Burger gives you? Don't worry, they've got it, at Best Fries Forever!!! PWiD approves of this...
  19. PWiD

    Just how much money are you using?

    Since there's no actual discussion going on, I'll be the first to start one. As many of you know, other than your basic protein powder (whey), there's no actual necessity for you to use your money on other rather non-essential supplements (creatine, NO2, whatever else is being marketed right...
  20. PWiD

    About creating sub-forums

    I have browsed through the discussion sub-forums (namely those under the 'Training Forum') and have noticed that there are too many threads that contain articles/references from sources that can be easily found via the net. Not that i don't appreciate it, in fact, i applaud the effort the...