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  1. dorothyperkins

    Productivity and time go hand in hand

    Excellent. I must admit that there are times I wanted to quit but based on your words, no one would help me to face the challenge but only me. I guess, I need to learn the aspect of keep moving forward, focus and just go with the flow until such time I might be able to reach the peak of my goals.
  2. dorothyperkins

    What Diet Works For You?

    I tried fad diets such as no carbohydrates but instead of shedding off the pounds, I regain weight twice. Right now, I just eat in moderation, some exercise and drinks lot of water. If you think that you can able to control the urge of eating too fast and eating too much, I guess, this one...
  3. dorothyperkins

    Water Help To Loss Weight

    "Drinking water can help in losing weight but must be combined with sensible eating and exercising. A good rule is to cut your portion sizes down, and stop eating when you start to feel full." Agree. We all know the good effects of water in the body aside from flushing out toxins and keep the...
  4. dorothyperkins

    Anyone Tried The Mediterranean Diet?

    Thanks for reminding, UN. Of course, high consumption of fruits and vegetables are important in Mediterranean diet. I just overlooked the list. Apologize.
  5. dorothyperkins

    Video Rachel Berry from Glee singing "O holy night"

    I still find Mariah Carey's version splendid. Besides, I don't like the voice of Rachel Berry even if I watched Glee. Don't know, I find her overacting. No offense.
  6. dorothyperkins

    LOL little girl beats rapist in lift.

    There is something 'odd' in the video. But anyways, I'm sure the guy learnt his lessons pretty well and commended the brave girl on what she did.
  7. dorothyperkins

    Picture Santa got jacked

    Funny. This is the new Santa Clause for this generation with good abs. I saw other 3 riding the sleigh in the background. They must be bodyguards to protect the Johnny Bravo look Santa from freaking girls upon seeing him shirtless...Lol.
  8. dorothyperkins

    Steve's Quote

    Amazing. I believe that passion in whatever you do is essential for success. If you are working out of money, I doubt if you can ever put the ladder up towards reaching the peak of success. For those people who follow their personal vision, the never say 'quit'.
  9. dorothyperkins

    Anyone Tried The Mediterranean Diet?

    In my work, someone sent me a copy of his article with regards to Mediterranean way of eating and I found out some key points why people in Mediterranean countries somehow managed to stay fit and live longer than those people living in the West. Here are some of diet tips: 1. High consumption...
  10. dorothyperkins

    Discuss Pregnant and proud at the age of 15

    The age is getting younger for pregnant mother nowadays. A lot of youth are getting comfortable with consensual sex. Well, I wish she quit smoking for the sake of her baby and for herself. It's not easy to be a mother.
  11. dorothyperkins

    Losing weight at home

    Aside from doing household chores, dancing is my exercise at home. Three different type of dance everyday. I guess, I never bored with it since I can switch from one to another. I do some crunches at home usually at night before bedtime. I used to play 'pelota' but the neighbor would complain...
  12. dorothyperkins

    Lungs of a smoker..

    I have the same problem with my brother. He puff almost everyday from morning until night time. And, I'm tired raising my voice and reminding him about the effects of smoking. He's not listening, anyways.
  13. dorothyperkins

    Picture Let me teach u some colors..

    I really do hope you can give some explanation. Turquoise is my favorite color so far. I never thought that Seam Foam is actually in Green category. Look it more as blue not really green.
  14. dorothyperkins

    You burn about as many calories watching TV as you do sleeping

    Interesting. If sleeping can burn calories, how much if you are awake. Just by sitting probably, your body can burn calories as well as standing and so forth. Only I need to eat moderately I would be able to achieve my goal to slim down for a change.
  15. dorothyperkins

    fatboyfitman - fat to fit

    This is inspiring. I had the same problem, I diet and lose weight and regain thereafter. It's like a yo-yo system. One step at a time, I think it is a good idea. I always thought that losing weight fast is ideal but I was wrong. And, I can vouch the effects of it.
  16. dorothyperkins

    Best time of the day to workout?

    I usually do brisk walking in the morning and evening after dinner. This is the only time I have for the day since I was also busy with other things particularly work. Yes, I heard that afternoon and evening are the best time to workout and fast to shed off pounds. Thanks for the information.
  17. dorothyperkins

    Japanese Diet

    Yellow fin tuna is my favorite. We tend to grill it and oftentimes, boiled with tomatoes, ginger, onion added some chinese cabbage available in the market. One way or another, we cooked it just with vinegar, soy, a little bit of salt and pepper.
  18. dorothyperkins

    How Do You Kill a Craving?

    "Also, I have an effective plan every morning of what to eat that day" Good to ponder. I did this before and it really works. But due to my busy schedule, my commitment to jot down all the necessary menu for the day was lost. My work eats most of my time that I hardly peek inside the fridge...
  19. dorothyperkins

    Key guidelines beneficial for good health

    This is a good suggestion. Processed foods are often the best option in people living in the city. Sodium packed canned goods usually served if there is no enough time to nose around the kitchen. We usually have home cooked meals everyday. We have kids at home so we need to lessen the salt in...
  20. dorothyperkins

    Picture iLlusion test

    Amazing. I felt a bit dizzy by just looking at it. The wonders of the eyes. Pretty fascinating, really.