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  1. dorothyperkins

    Anyone Tried The Mediterranean Diet?

    In my work, someone sent me a copy of his article with regards to Mediterranean way of eating and I found out some key points why people in Mediterranean countries somehow managed to stay fit and live longer than those people living in the West. Here are some of diet tips: 1. High consumption...
  2. dorothyperkins

    Gumby Robs 7-11

    Jacob Kiss, a 19-year-old has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor burglary after trying to rob a 7-11 convenience store in a Gumby costume. Together with his accomplice, Jason Giramma,who also pleaded the same. The clerk said that the robber costumed Gumby has a gun upon entering the convenience...
  3. dorothyperkins

    James Bond Captured In Seoul

    This is a month old news but quite interesting to share. Last October, a North Korean born assassin was caught by the Seoul authorities after a failed attack to a human rights activist Park Sang-Hak, which the prosecutors believed he was the target of assassination. What is interesting about...
  4. dorothyperkins

    Can Air Freshener Causes Asthma?

    We do have scented candles at home, air fresheners in the car, bedroom and house anywhere and we often used it regularly without knowing the common side effects it will bring to our system. I found out that using this plug-in deodorizers can causes allergies and even asthma. In a recent study...
  5. dorothyperkins

    Lollipop For Wounded Soldiers

    The Washington recently released a lollipop to ease the pain of their wounded soldiers in a war zone. This is not an ordinary lollipop that you can buy in a store but a new powerful painkiller specially created for the soldiers in combat. The Fentanyl lollipop is said to be the replacement from...
  6. dorothyperkins

    Japanese Diet

    Few weeks ago, I was in my hometown when my Dad handed me a book about Diabetes. In one of those pages, it explained the Japanese style of dieting. They have this plate proportion based on food groups - carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. In an article presented by WebMD, Naomi Moriyama...
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    I am a newbie here. I'm looking forward to have a good discussion with other members here. :)