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    which one is better?

    gtalk or yahoo messenger.
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    Walking: Exercise

    Walking while talking in mobile nice .
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    Techniques to Avoid Overeating

    Drink plenty of water daily.
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    Do you wanna beat

    Share and have fun.If you get a chance to beat whom will you beat?
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    Hi, Me too here

    Hope every one is doing good. Deerghayush is a holistic approach to your ailments. Welcome to Sukhasanthi to discover Homeopathy, Naturopathy,Yoga and Ayurvedam treatments for a wonderful life.
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    Some thoughts on smoking

    Good post.Inspiring one.It makes everyone to think for a while.
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    The Magic of Nature's Bounty

    The following are used to build our immunity: • One apple per day • One Thulasi(Ocimum sanctum) leaf and one egg per day • One large cup milk per day • One banana per day • One lemon per day • Three liters of water per day • Ten black dates per day • Three carrots per day • Hot water with honey
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    Holistic Treatment

    Holistic Treatment