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    Workout buddy bukit batok

    Please inform what kinda workout buddy?? Gym?? Run?? and also gender. Thanks.
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    Survey Participants required.

    Survey Topic: Health & Wellness impacts people in Singapore. Targeted audience: 25-50 years old. No requirement in gender, race and religion. Survey Format: Google Form (around 20 questions) 60 min long Microsoft Teams Call Signed Consent Form Upon completion, gift voucher (~50 SGD) will be...
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    Looking for Candidates

    hi. Perhaps can advise more? Eg. Gender? Location? Work Duration etc.? Thanks.
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    Need recommendation on pay-per-use gym in Woodlands

    Why not try the ones in the stadium??
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    Resistance Band for home workouts

    any brand recommendations and how do we know they are legit?
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    Fitness App Suggestions!

    1. Do you use a health app on your smartphone? Yes 2. If yes, which app(s) do you use? Garmin App 3. What information do you look at on the app(s) Heart Rate, Steps, Elevation, Distance 4. Do you find the app(s) useful? If yes, how do you find them useful? Yes for runners, cyclist and swimmers...