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    The Human Machine

    On the eve of stan chart guys. this is the man.
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    How to pronounce brands!

    HELLO! i just saw an interesting page on how to pronounce brands. A Alessandro Dell’Acqua Del-LAK-wa Anna Sui SWEE Anne Demeulemeester Ahn Deh-MUH-le-mees-ter Anteprima On-tay-pre-ma Agnes B. Ahn-NYAS Buh Atelier ah-tell-ee-ay Azzedine Alaia Aza-deen A-LYE-a B Balenciaga...
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    The bloody mary illusion explained

    If you light a candle in a dark room, look in the mirror, and say “Bloody Mary” five times (if you dare), Bloody Mary will appear. And if she believes you’re taunting her, she will reach through the mirror and slash your face or break the mirror to cut you. She may even pull you into the mirror...
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    The perfect ice cube

    Theres actually sale of ice cubes of random shapes and sizes. their claim : 'Well, a round shape means that the total surface area exposed to liquid is reduced, and therefore the ice cubes won’t melt as fast. Translation—your drink will stay nice and cold without getting watered down too...
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    Should i take whey after cardio?

    Ive recently been doing about 3 x speed training/intervals per week. My aim is to gain speed and lose weight. Is it recommended to take any form of protein shakes after such cardio activities given my goals?
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    A little inspiration

    hey guys just a little read. its really good. A Singaporean Decathlete Plus,