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    A Father's Amazing Love

    This is a really great and inspiring story. I am trying to get my weight down. I think that when you focus on your family, you stop making the excuses you'd normally make.
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    When Is The Best Time To Do Cardio?

    I think it's up to you to choose the best time. I know sometimes experts say to not workout before bed. I find that I sleep the best after I have done a great workout. It doesn't keep me up. I have tried to do the morning thing, before getting everyone else up. It doesn't really work that way...
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    anyone tried P90X?

    It can keep some outfit for some of the outfit. I can't do some of the workout. This includes yoga. But I also like the kenpo and the other workout.
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    10 Steps to Eating Clean

    I think is a good idea. However, you don't have to go all the way in the other way, other way-junk way. I think it's good to be in the middle. Every one and then it's good to go and have a junk way and still have some vegetables and still have some chicken, beef or seafood.
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    Lutein and Astaxanthin for Eyes and good health

    Thanks for this thread. I wear contacts and had been concerned about my eye health. I know about vitamin A. I just started taking a multivitamin with iron and it contained lutein. I have noticed some improvement in vision and I've been taking it for about 2 weeks. I will keep this one on my list.
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    Regulate Blood Sugar

    I have seen that supplement in the vitamin aisle. I had been meaning to look up it's function. Thanks for the post. It's definitely a good thing to moderate and control your blood sugar. It helps the body function it's best.
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    Fish Oil Benefits

    This is an interesting read. I didn't know about some of these benefits. I am going to add more fish meals to my diet. I love talapia. It's not too expensive. I've even tried some seasoned with spicy Mrs. Dash seasoning. It's tasty and a great way to eat meals seasoned with other than salt by...
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    Water: The Forgotten Nutrient for Weight Loss

    Water is a necessary nutrient. When trying to lose weight or just keep healthy people make the mistake of eating when they could just be thirsty. Water is also necessary for your body to absorb certain vitamins like vitamin C. Drinking enough water helps the kidneys and allows them to work more...
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    Getting rid of that mama belly?

    I've got the mommy tummy too. I've also had a c-section. You have to do various exercises to target these muscles. They are often the ones that aren't engaged in a regular crunch. You can do planks and reverse crunches. These really work the muscles. Also next time you're at the park with the...