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    Video The Romanian Deadlift

    Mark Rippetoe explains the use and execution of the Romanian Deadlift.
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    Exercise Techniques Index

    Squat The Squat Analysis of The Squat Videos of Squat Form Article + Video - Squat Bar Position Video - The Front Squat Deadlift The Deadlift Videos of Deadlift Form Video - The Romanian Deadlift Bench Press The Bench Press Videos of Bench Press Other Exercises The Olympic Press with Tommy...
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    Video Stretching Exercises for Runners

    Click on the links below to jump straight to the specific stretch. Shoulder Stretch Foot Stretch Kneeling Hip Stretch Sitting Shoulder & Side Stretch Back Stretch Shoulder & Lower Back Stretch Standing Foot Stretch Sitting Calf & Achilles Tendon Stretch Standing Calf & Achilles Tendon Stretch...
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    Marina Bay Sands Gym

    I guess it's called Banyan Tree Fitness Club? Anyway here are a few quick shots of the gym. It boasts many quality fitness equipment but there wasn't any power racks lying around...
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    Video Venice Muscle Beach Calisthenics Workout

    Amazing feats of strength (y)
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    Video ASICS Run With Ryan

    Can't find this one in Singapore!
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    Speedflying in Wengen, Switzerland

    cool sport eh (y)
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    Video fluid parkour/freerunning around town

    hilarious ending :ROFLMAO:
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    Video NOW or NEVER - Parkour & Freerunning

    Featuring UF All Star athlete, Marius Mohr, from Germany.
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    In-depth Shoelace Article

    Do your shoelaces always come undone? Do your shoelace bows sit vertically instead of across the shoe? If so, you're probably tying a "Granny Knot", and one simple change to your technique will result in a balanced knot that sits straight and stays secure. This page explains the "Granny Knot"...
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    I still have a soul (HBO Boxing)

    incredible motivation to train.
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    Video Parkour in Singapore

    A rare footage of parkour stunts filmed in Singapore.
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    If you could smell ... what the Fred flinestone is cooking''

    Happy Halloween! Source: Facebook
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    Workout Routines Index

    Strength & Powerlifting Workouts Brawn – An Abbreviated Training Routine 3x3 Training Wendler’s 5/3/1 Powerlifting System Strongman Training Routine Russian Squat Routine Smolov Russian Squat routine Layne Norton's Power/Hypertrophy Routine 20 Rep Squat Workouts 20 Rep Squat Routine 20 rep...
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger's Secrets to Success

    Arnold talks about his life and his thoughts on success. He elaborates more on his "life 6 rules" here.
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    Video Rip - 405 x 5 Squat

    excellent squat form
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    The Olympic Press with Tommy Suggs

    Tommy Suggs coaches Matt Wanat on the Olympic Press. Suggs coaches a lifter through power rack concepts discussed in Starr’s Ultimate Exercise articles