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  1. koreanfanboy

    need help..

    What do you wish to achieve? Always go with a goal in mind. eg. Legs, shoulders, chest. If not, you will find yourself wasting time and working out inefficiently bro
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    Classes that available for 30 or 45 mins

    What do you wish to train or would it be just general fitness ?
  3. koreanfanboy

    Looking for motivating Gymkaki

    All the more you should show them what you are capable of ! Work hard, be fabulous !
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    What's the rate like?
  5. koreanfanboy

    HEY YA!! looking for gym buddies (west area) - bukit panjang :D

    Thank you for loving yourself more!
  6. koreanfanboy

    Video My Morning Dance Ritual

    My morning ritual when I need to get anything done! Pumps the blood and adrenaline! Do you guys have any quirks before gym practice? :)
  7. koreanfanboy

    Brace yourself and whip those muscles

    Brace yourself and whip those muscles
  8. koreanfanboy

    Video Customer goes crazy when not served McNuggets

    You gotta do what you gotta do for some protein:ROFLMAO:
  9. koreanfanboy

    Lifting weights make women huge?

    LOL this
  10. koreanfanboy

    Video Too much of Miley at the VMA. But this. This, is the best

    nice editing but i was expecting some dialogue though:(
  11. koreanfanboy

    Picture "Death with benefits"

    and your muscles heal for a better whipping tml
  12. koreanfanboy

    Video Get pumped.

  13. koreanfanboy

    Video Makcik Pull up tips

    For our M bros out there. For a good laugh :D
  14. koreanfanboy

    Video Get pumped.

    Tired? Get that blood pumping ;). You're welcome.
  15. koreanfanboy

    my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

    my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
  16. koreanfanboy

    The Denko Saga [full version]

    lol saw the comments. Im glad I didnt read that bunch of text!