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    WTB Fitness first membership

    1. 84444169 2. $105 3. I pay 4. April 2020 5. 4 free personal training classes to throw in 6.Tampines branch ONLY
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    WTB Fitness First membership

    FF membership only at Tampines CPF building 1. $105 2. 20 months to April 2020 3. transfer fee will be borne by me 4. Will throw in a few personal training Classes for free as well. Contact me at 84444169
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    WTB Take over Fitness First membership (Tampines or Changi or both)

    Tampines Cpf building ONLY Until April 2020 with about 4 Personal trainer classes to throw in for free Monthly is $105 Transfer fees borne by me Selling off as I have been on Medical for 1 year and I’m wasting my money paying for a gym I can go to due to health reasons. Pls contact 84444169
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    WTB Looking to buy FF gym membership

    Selling my FF membership for only Tampines Branch. Until April 2020. $105 per month. Think that’s the lowest u can get for single outlet at Tampines only. Transfer fees borne by me.
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    WTS Selling Tampines ONLY Fitness First Membership

    $105 per month. Transfer fees borne by me. ONLY TAMPINES FITNESS FIRST BRANCH. Until May 2020 Selling cause I’m overseas most of the time