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    Looking for GYM female buddy at Viva True Fitness

    Hi @Winna, Are you still training in viva true fitness? Still interested to look for gym buddy or freelance personal trainer to train you there? I am true fitness member and also a female freelance personal trainer. Please pm me if you are interested. Thank you.
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    Looking for a gym buddy to lift weights in Bedok

    Hi @rabbit06 , Still looking for workout buddy? I am training in true fitness at viva business park at chai chee near bedok. Can pm me here
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    Workout Buddy @ True Fitness

    Hello @Onlyroy, Are you still looking for gym buddy in true fitness? I am training in viva business park near chai chee area, true fitness.
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    Looking for True Fitness Novena or Harbourfront GYM newbie

    @Jojokunci , Are you interested to find a paid gym buddy? I am a true fitness member too.
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    Looking for FF/TF amk workout buddy!

    @Ynx , Are you interested to find a paid gym buddy to train together at true fitness? I am training in true fitness too but at Viva Business Park.
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    Looking for a Personal trainer

    Hi @MissFatbarrel , Are you still finding a personal trainer?
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    Looking for a anytime Gym Buddy

    @Pier Chew I am a female freelance personal trainer for 2 years. I will always go to true fitness at Viva Business Park for trainings. Just to check if you still interested to find a buddy to train. I train weightlifting and help client with mucsle toning.
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    Looking for Gym Buddy

    @EstherMiho are you still looking for gym buddy? I am training in true fitness, interested to join?
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    WTS True fitness PT session (valid till 1 Jun 2020)

    Gym: True fitness PT session Membership valid till: 1 Jun 2020 Hi, I am looking for someone that is willing to buy my PT session in true fitness. The price of it you can text me and we can further discuss. The venue of the true fitness will be at Viva business park at chai chee. Please text...
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    WTB True Fitness Membership

    Hi, I have true fitness membership that willing to let go but only few months and it expires till Dec 2018. May I know if you are interested?