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  1. MellowGuy

    Video Taekwondo Finger Performance in Korea

    I'm glad to see all the fees for uniform, tuition and belt tests for a Taekwondo course are being put to good use in the form of Youtube viewer hits. :D
  2. MellowGuy

    You burn about as many calories watching TV as you do sleeping

    I'm not sure I understand or maybe just missed how this relates to watching television. However, this is a cool chart on sleep numbers. Another thing personally is that more fat seems to be burned when a person gets a good amount of sleep as opposed to a person that doesn't. I'll probably...
  3. MellowGuy

    How to Make Waking Up Comfortable and Pleasurable

    I'm surprised "sleep earlier" did not make the list. Most people tend to stay up too late and so suffer for it in the morning. And since this is a workout forum, a regular exercise routine tends to promote good sleeping habits which results in better wake ups. :D
  4. MellowGuy

    Video Extreme Core Exercises

    These kinds of vids are great and boasts many body weight masters. If you can't afford the gym for some reason, there are no more excuses not to be able to workout.
  5. MellowGuy

    Several Small Meals a Day

    I for one have tried several attempts of this for about 3 weeks at a time. It just never worked for me. In fact, I hear everyone advise it and but I don't really know anyone that actually follows it. I don't think its that realistic to maintain so many meals in a day and so well timed (my...
  6. MellowGuy

    Sleep Facts Infographic

    According to this, Koalas sleep 22 hours per day! I'd love to get some of that action (the sleep I mean..). I think if I can sleep for 22 hours, I'd be so energized and happy all the time.
  7. MellowGuy

    How Do You Kill a Craving?

    I think this is a sound plan. There really is no magic pill for losing weight except to stop giving in to urges. All the plans and routines will be doomed to fail if you rely on them alone. Congrats on your weight maintenance and I must say my own success was largely due to some of what you...
  8. MellowGuy

    Burger King new burgers

    Looks enticing to me. I do agree that the actual product will probably not look like the pic. I might try the grilled version of that chicken.
  9. MellowGuy

    McDonald's Reveals Its Restaurant Secrets

    I have never seen a McDonalds like this here in my area of the US lol. I think Singapore has done well in maintaining a more positive environment or at least from what these pictures show. I've not worked in a McDonalds but I've done some time in other fast food restaurants and I must say...
  10. MellowGuy

    Myth: Wearing Hats Can Cause Hair Loss

    Interesting myth buster. I have actually believed that hats did cause hair to fall out for many years and so I stopped wearing my cool hats. However, I do believe that it can cause some hair and circulation damage based on your first statement about wearing them so tight. I think many...
  11. MellowGuy

    Losing weight at home

    I think at home can have advantages of working out if you can set aside some serious workout time. 30 minutes or an hour of the day is enough time to pull off some serious workouts with some or even no equipment. Youtube is also a great tool to find out about shorter but very effective...
  12. MellowGuy

    France to impose fat tax on sugary drinks such as Coca-Cola and Fanta

    I think this is a great idea. I wish they would impose this sort of tax here in the U.S. Sugary beverages are basically addictive drugs and highly responsible for obesity and diabetes. I remember being able to drink a 2 liter coke bottle in a day and still want more. This would definitely...
  13. MellowGuy

    I still have a soul (HBO Boxing)

    This video is very humbling. That was incredible passion for the character! It makes me ashamed to have ever complained about anything at all. Good stuff!
  14. MellowGuy

    Ankle and wrist weights: Whats the final word?

    As I'm sure many have their own opinions of this workout method, there are many recommendations against this method and many others say its fine. There seem to be a divided opinion about long term joint damage yet this remains a popular and top selling tool for workouts. I've personally tried...
  15. MellowGuy

    LOL TV Censored Movie Clips VS The Originals

    "I have had it with these Monkey Fighting Snakes on this Monday to Friday Plane!" rofl. Now that is just a travesty. That didn't even make one bit of sense! :rolleyes: As for the last "Robocop" scene, I've actually heard a different dub where he goes "Once I even called him...something...
  16. MellowGuy

    Any workout routines after you wake up?

    I would recommend a martial arts warmup routine called M100 workout. It has gained some popularity in youtube as well. Basically consist of 3 sets of 3 bodyweight exercises (not too difficult and no harmful impacts) without rest and can be completed in 3 (yup THREE) minutes. The effects are...
  17. MellowGuy

    Stroke Identification

    I think this is the most informative instruction I've ever seen in a while. Very interesting that these simple 3 steps can help save a life or at least avoid permanent damage. I think the tongue test, smile and coherent sentence stands out to me.
  18. MellowGuy

    10 Steps to Eating Clean

    Don't get wrong, I think this is an excellent list. In fact, it is actually a complete and probably time tested list with great results for the serious bodybuilder. However, this list is not at all for the average person. As many here have already pointed out, the average person are not...
  19. MellowGuy

    Stretching to avoid injuries

    I've tried prolonged stretching before different types of performances and I must say they do have varying effects (of which some were detrimental to the performance). I think a balance of warmup and light stretching before any explosive or intense movements is where I found the most success.
  20. MellowGuy

    Picture Evolution of Famous Logos

    My favorite is the Google Chrome pic! I've always wondered why Chrome logo was so familiar. This made me realize how smart the Google big wigs were, playing on my childhood nostalgia!