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    Fitness training/ Triathlete training and swim coaching

    Dear Fitness Kaki's I'm an existing Fitness trainer and swim coach offering coaching services and relevant certifications for: 1) Fitness Training 2) Learn to Swim 3) Adult & Bi/Triathlete classes 4) Competitive Stroke Correction Lessons will be conducted by a National registered coach(NROC)...
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    Personal Fitness trainer and Swim coach

    4 Years of coaching experience Fitness trainer: - Online coaching - Personal trainer in my private club - Home-based workout Swim coach experience - anyone from aged 3 onwards. - Learn to swim and Pre-competitive - Triathlete for ironman PM me for more information. Testimony, feedbacks and...
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    Looking for training buddy( Ex-competitive is perferred)

    Male - ex competitive swimmer and triathlete - Male and female are welcome, mainly for pacing for running and swimming Newbie in water polo - School(Polytechnic Team level) - Pasir Ris