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  1. celiashq

    WTS True Fitness membership (valid till 6 Dec 2016)

    Hi, able to nego? transfer fee absorbed?
  2. celiashq

    WTS true fitness membership (valid till 13 Dec 2017)

    able to pay monthly instead? access to all outlets?
  3. celiashq

    Looking for FEMALE execrise buddy at AMK

    I go for true fitness classes on saturdays at AMK outlet. PM me!
  4. celiashq

    WTB True Fitness Membership

    1. Willing to pay around $50-$60 per month (negotiable) 2. Bank Transfer (Monthly) 3. Preferred membership date till Dec 2016 or longer. 4. Able to access all outlets if not only AMK will be fine too. 5. Transferal fees and other administrative cost absorbed. 6. Do not necessarily need a...