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    Stretching to avoid injuries

    Well said and put, it gets the body and mind psychologically ready for the real deal.
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    Fiber to help weight lost

    I try to make sure every supper time there are some vegetables. If I don't eat vegetables for two days continuously I get constipation so I know how important they are in my body.
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    Losing weight at home

    Since I started working at home I have become so lazy with exercising nowadays have gained some weight. I'm so busy working online every minute I spend doing other things feels like am wasting time. I know am becoming a lazy online working mom so i intend to try the exercise mentioned above.
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    Oral sex might cause more throat cancer than smoking

    I think it could be true and just my luck that I don't do oral, i have tried many times but in the end I gave up. My mind somehow can not reconcile with oral sex, I know am sounding abnormal with this but neither me or my husband like oral. So I guess the chance of us getting the throat cancer...
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    Sleep Facts Infographic

    I can agree with older people needing less sleep because my father is usually the last to sleep and the first to wake up. My husband too is in his 60s and he wakes up so early in the morning yet he will not go anywhere until 9am. The who presentation is true and we all need sleep. If I don't get...
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    Wisdom tooth

    I always wonder what long time people used to do because they also had the same problems. Since the knowledge which is available today wasn't there, how did they deal with issues like this one. My guess id if its tooth coming out, it was left lone to do just that. I remember mine, and as much as...
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    Lungs of a smoker..

    That picture is scary and if I was a smoker I would stop immediately after seeing it. The body parts look as if they have been cooked! The sad thing is that these smokers know what smoking will do to their lungs and other body parts but the addiction is so strong one would rather die slowly than...
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    Why Do Sandwiches Taste Better When Someone Else Makes Them?

    That is so true it reminds me of my neighbor who recently gave birth. She did not like her home made food and so she would go to eat out or ask me to bring her some of my food. I also understand now why I eat more foods when I visit my friends than in my own house.
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    Should Kids Avoid Caffeine?

    The culture where I come from doesn't allow kids to drink coffee and we are more tea people than coffee. I grew up with tea so coffee and never an option to me.
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    Sauna effective for losing weight?

    I tried sauna but my body could not stand the heat so after 5 minutes I had to come out. I would like to try it again in a bit lower temperatures because even for those few minutes, I felt relaxed and good. SO these holiday I will make sure I have gone to one.
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    Japanese Diet

    I always used to wonder why all the silver wares made from china are always tinny, from the cups to the plates. Now I know the reason, small servings all the time. Good tips and I will practice them since I have some weight around my waist i want to shed.
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    7 Hours of uninterrupted rest

    If I was to get an average of the hours I sleep in a day for the whole week, then nit will be 6 good hours. The god thing is when I sleep, I don't get interruptions so i sleep well. Its hard to sleep 8 hours unless one doesn't have a life and a family.
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    Vitamin Water Deception

    Bright color fruits will do the job better than any bottled drink any time any where. I always prefer to eat fresh fruits for my dose of vitamins because they are easily available and affordable too. Thanks for the warning.
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    Can Air Freshener Causes Asthma?

    I'm allergic to many smells and some fresheners cause me to react and start sneezing. I think the smell can trigger a reaction causing one to start coughing or not being able to breath.
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    A Father's Amazing Love

    Determination and having something to live for can push the human body and mind to do a lot of things. He had his sons love next to him and that is all he needed to hit the finish line.
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    Foods to eat to add weight

    What kind of foods are recommended when one wants to add weight. There are so many people trying to cut down on weight we have forgotten about the ones who want to add a few bounds.
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    The World's Healthiest Foods

    The only thing that I don't touch in that list is the sea foods. I can stand the smells and taste of any sea food and some even make me nauseated so I stay away from them. The rest of the food are surely health even though one has to watch out for the amount they eat if they want to remain healthy.
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    Hi good people

    Hello guys, I'm the new guy here and looking forward to having a good time with everyone in this forum. I'm sure I will have lots of fun and also learn alot from you. Thanks.
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    Several Small Meals a Day

    Have hard that before but the issue is that we live the kind of life that does not allow us the pleasure of time to be able to break so many time a day to eat. It makes sense to eat the small portions because the body will be able to digest all the food and be able to store as fat. Unless you...