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  1. Liz_a

    looking for female workout partners.

    Great world and Harbourfront :)
  2. Liz_a

    looking for female workout partners.

    Hey girls, I am also in True fitness. Which ones do you go to?
  3. Liz_a

    Looking for female gym buddy for TF

    I am in true fitness. I have Pmed you!
  4. Liz_a

    TF Female kaki for HIIT, Weight training & Strengh training

    Hello, I have been gyming for a few months. I am into Weight training, HIIT & Plyos. I can go to any truefitness in the central area. I am looking for female friends who share the same interests. If you are keen , hit me up:)
  5. Liz_a

    Weightlifting Buddy | TF

    Sounds good, I am also into lifting and looking for some ppl with similar interests. I am currently with true fitness.