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    Sold Fitness first membership - all outlets (valid till 31 Aug 2018)

    Hey there. Hi there. I need this pass. Need is an understatement.l need to contact you but your number I do not know. Contact me you shall as your firstborn priority and together we shall achieve a great transference- talking about the membership :)
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    Gym buddy wanted for CCK Gym

    I used to be a avid gym goer, 5 years back before my injury and life circumstances. My fundamental of lifting is strong but now motivation is low. I find myself standing around in the gym. Looking for a gym buddy for evening/ morning gym sessions. I am very open to different forms of training-...
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    Cck active sg gym

    I am looking for gym buddy for cck
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    Looking for Mr Mohamad ( Former gym trainer @ Europa Country Club)

    12 years ago, I was trained by this amazing trainer at Europa Country Club. His name was Mohamad. Dont know his full name. AM looking for him. Should anyone have his details or know his whereabouts, do tell. Thanks