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    WTS True Fitness (valid till 9 Aug 2017)

    Gym: True Fitness Membership valid till: 9 Aug 2017 $80/month Selling off my True Fitness membership. PM me for details.
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    Looking for serious and regular gym partner at TF Tam Junction

    Anyone gyms at TF tampines regularly?
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    looking for serious gym buddy

    Anyone trains at True Fitness Tampines?
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    @Ecto22 I haven't been going. Just going to the gym. But I'm looking to start again. How about you?
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    Anyone interested in doing some cali regularly? I'm at Tampines St 71 Blk 712. They have a fitness corner with parallel bar and pull up bar which is enough for what I do. Disclaimer: I'm not like super pro, I can't do any of the fancy moves like muscle ups, flags etc. But we all start...
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    Simple Survey

    Hi guys, Can you please help me in doing this survey? It takes less than 5 minutes! Thanks in advance :D