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    ABhancer ... some joke?

    I think I need this product. Why work out when I can just turn my stomach into six lumps with a piece of plastic? It must be pretty uncomfortable to wear though.
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    Working out with a broken ankle?

    Can you do some leg lifts or basic resistance training with the leg that isn't injured? You could also try crunches and one legged push ups if you can get back up from the floor afterwards. Working out with an injury is always a challenge.
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    Parkour has always interested me, but I don't have the coordination to do it. I can't walk across a log or cross some rocks in a creek without a walking stick. It seems like it would be a good whole body workout though.
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    Japanese Diet

    I really enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, but I have a hard time adding fish to my diet. I already eat a lot of sardines and tuna, but I don't like any other types of fish. Salmon is good but it is too expensive around here. Occasionally I'll splurge and buy some to make my own sushi with.
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    Sauna effective for losing weight?

    I'm not a big fan of dry saunas, but steam saunas and showers can be really relaxing. Sometimes I get serious fatigue after a big workout, so I make a steam room out of my bathroom by running the water really hot and filling up with the room with steam. It helps me relax and stretch too if I'm...
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    Article Running Free With Invisible Shoes

    I want to purchase a pair of these kinds of shoes because I can't find a pair of comfortable running shoes or cross trainers, no matter how much I am willing to spend. Perhaps going simpler will be better for my feet than going the high-tech route.
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    Your Guide to Amino Acids

    This was helpful to me because I am considering taking some amino acid supplements. I was having a hard time deciphering which supplement would be best based on what it contained and how much of each amino acid it offered.
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    Regulate Blood Sugar

    I have a hard time consuming cinnamon because I have a slightly allergy to it, but I am looking for blood sugar control because I have hypoglycemia. I wonder if I could take it in a capsule to mitigate the effects it has on my mouth and throat.
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    McDonald's Reveals Its Restaurant Secrets

    I wonder if the food in Singapore is higher quality like the restaurant obviously is. The McDonald's here in America serve really salty, gross tasting hamburgers. The french fries taste good, but they're too unhealthy to eat more than once a month. I try to avoid fast food, and if I do dine out...
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    Vitamin Water Deception

    I knew that these kinds of drinks couldn't be very healthy when I first looked at one and they contained more sugar than a soda. Why pretend to be drinking something healthy when you're actually doing harm to your body? I don't drink any sweetened drinks because it's a good way to add a bunch of...
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    7 Hours of uninterrupted rest

    When I don't get at least 8 hours of sleep I can't focus correctly the next day. Even with caffeine I feel sleepy and disorientated. Sometimes I can get away with one night of 5 or 6 hours of sleep, but the rest of week I'll have to get at least 8 or I become pretty useless.
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    How to Make Waking Up Comfortable and Pleasurable

    We have to make coffee first thing in the morning or neither me nor my wife ever get out of bed. We also tend to keep our clothes at the foot of the bed to make dressing easier and faster when we are still half asleep. Easy to make breakfast foods help too.
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    Jawbone Up detailed: tracks activity, food intake and sleep cycles

    I was on the Jawbone website earlier today looking at this. I don't use a smart phone or other bluetooth enabled device, so I wouldn't be able to use any of their products. I don't really like the idea of having something tracking my every move either, in case someone got that data and used it...
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    anyone tried P90X?

    I've watched some friends and family members try P90X, but it's too rigid and routine for me. I just like working out however I feel like I need to for the day. I don't have a lot of hard and strict goals to reach, so I just want to keep in shape and stay fit. Sticking to a routine like that...
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    Walking: Exercise

    I love walking outside and don't really ever walk indoors in a mall or other setting. Even when the weather is bad I love getting fresh air and seeing the sights of the trees and small animals. Exploring is a great way to exercise without getting bored or seeing the same thing over and over again.
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    Can Air Freshener Causes Asthma?

    I cough really badly and even lose my breath when I am around air fresheners or someone with too much perfume on. I've walked through the grocery store before and had a terrible coughing fit because some lady walked past wearing a whole bottle of perfume.
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    Wisdom tooth

    Have the dentist look at it for sure. My wisdom teeth were coming out right for a while, then they suddenly hurt really badly and wouldn't stop. When I went in to see the dentist the x-ray showed that they were pushed my next molars out. I had to have them removed the next day to avoid losing my...
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    Cheapest but most effective equipment?

    A weight rack is a good investment that helps you do a lot of exercises. You can also lift milk jugs full of water or sand for initial weight training instead of small 5 or 10 lb dumbbells. There's no need to spend money on treadmills or other cardio equipment when you can walk for free.
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    Water: The Forgotten Nutrient for Weight Loss

    I feel so much better when I drink plenty of water each day. I can really feel it in the morning if I skipped too many glasses the day before. I don't like flavored water though, it has a weird aftertaste.
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    You'll never guess how old this woman is

    I think genetics plays a big role in how people age as well. I know a few older women that look very young, a few with a lot of work and a few without. All of them have family members that also look much younger than they really are.