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  1. joey_tan

    Ah Boys to Men Theme Song official MV- "RECRUIT'S ANTHEM"

    movie title shd be recruits to privates instead.
  2. joey_tan

    Video Old Man Gets Sexually Harassed By Sexy Colleagues

    for those wondering, the last babe name is Tenashar: Tenashar | Facebook
  3. joey_tan


    LOL scare paiseh. go do it at top levels of some carpark. no one to see u
  4. joey_tan

    LOL gamer teacher is game

    Diablo's position = (-3,7)
  5. joey_tan

    Picture in the mrt, under my umbrella ella eh eh

    they look so lovin'
  6. joey_tan

    Sign on SAF

    in for epic thread.
  7. joey_tan

    QUESTION: kipping pull-up for IPPT?

    Does anyone know if this 'kipping' pull-up is legit for IPPT?
  8. joey_tan

    Reg Park was a PTI in the Singapore Army?

    Was doing some wiki reading about Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger's idol... and guess what i saw: wiki link: Reg Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia mind=blown
  9. joey_tan

    Never snooze again

    "starts rollin everywhere in your room, ringing as loud as it can." will rage hard when it keep rollin' rollin' and i cant find it; the whole block might never snooze again after my ragemode yell.
  10. joey_tan

    Fresh grad prefers to be a hawker's wife

    from tnt, poor girl.