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30 Nov 2013
About Me

Andy Toh is a professional bodybuilder. He is an SEA (Southeast Asian Games) gold medalist. He is a 4-times National Bodybuilding Champion. He was the 2nd runner up in the Mr. Asia Championship. Andy Toh is the WBPF (World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation) Singapore national coach. He is an ABBF (Asia BodyBuilding Federation) judge (2016-2019). Andy Toh is a Master certified and NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) certified personal trainer

Rates and Services

1.Fat loss and Toning personal training
The training program is for 3 months. It will help you to shed excess body fat at a normal, safe rate. The program consists of customized workout routines along with a diet plan. The program will shape/tone your body. By following a regular workout routine after the program, you will be able to maintain your body shape and keep the fat at bay.

2.Men 's Bulk up personal training
The training program is for 3 months. It will help you to bulk up and gain muscle. A lot of people think that by just working with the weights, you will be able to build muscle. The fact is, you have to lift weights the right way. Our personal trainers will ensure that you work with the weights the right way.

3.Pre Wedding weight loss personal training
For a woman, there is nothing like an engagement ring to motivate her to get serious about weight loss. All of a sudden, it is about the dress, the photos, the shoes, the honeymoon, and so on. Our customized pre-wedding weight loss programs can benefit both men and women.

4.IPPT personal training
Our fitness programs can help you pass the standard physical fitness test and thus pave your way to the SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) or SPF (Singapore Police Force) or SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). Our trainers will ensure that you are ready for the test by the end of the program.

5.Model Physique personal training

Our customized training program can help you build a model-like physique. It is not easy to get that sought-after look, you will have to work hard. Our trainers will work hand-in-hand with you, they will make sure that you are working with the weights the right way, and that you are strictly following the diet.

10 sessions for $799

You can contact me
email address: sgonept@gmail.com
contact number: 8170 1150
website: www.sgonept.com