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  1. Ansel Feng

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    Whether you are new to the gym or working out for quite sometimes but not seeing much results... Don't worry! I am here to help and work with you, a tailored training plan will be given to you depending on your goals (guide you in the gym to perform these workout effectively and safely). Since nutrition is key to any program I will personalise a diet and supplement recommendation to reach your goals quickly. Contact me @ 98214353 for more enquiries.

    • Strength and conditioning (Muscular strength and endurance)
    • weight loss (especially fat loss)
    • Exercise rehabilitation
    • Hypertrophy (Increase lean muscle mass)
    • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
    • Degree in Sports and Exercise Science (currently final year)
    • 6 years of experience in resistance and Cardiovascular training
    • Participated in a few bodybuilding shows so I am absolutely no stranger to physique transformations!
    Shoot me a text for pricing and packages available. Hurry up now to maximize your potential! Improve your fitness and health with a sports scientist today!!

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  2. Clive ong

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    Hi, how much for your rate, at which gym?
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  3. Ansel Feng

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    My rates are 60sdg/session. Packages available @ 6 sessions 330sgd. 10 sessions @500. 15sessions @675. I do my training prefabably at activesg khatib, yiochukang.
  4. RorensuShimu

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    Do you do training at Anytime Wisteria / Northpoint?

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