Sold 1 x Anytime Fitness Membership Transfer (FREE gift / FREE a month) (valid till 5 Oct 2016)


22 Mar 2015
Gym: Anytime Fitness Membership (FREE gift / FREE a month)


Hi guys,

I am looking to transfer my Anytime gym membership ($88/mth)
Key has already been paid for.
No transfer fee required.
Giving a FREE gift - Protein Shaker Bottle + 1 month FREE from me.

Reason for transfer: I need to cut my expenses

My Personal Experience
I've always been looking out for a gym within the range of $50-60 so finally I did some research and found that the only gym within $50-60 range would be at Activesg gym, where there will be a lot of gym-goers sharing an equipment.

I tried Safra too, and found it too crowded during peak time. Really turns me off. It was at around $70. So I went on hoping to find something better.

I found Anytime Fitness which is ~$20 more than $60 but I think it's good. Because of the pointers below:
- The gym at Anytime Fitness is quite empty most of the time.
(Means your equipment you don't have to share most of the time)
- A private bathroom with shower foam provided.
- Very Clean and decent equipment
- Water-cooler (cold and hot water)
- Vending machine (with recovery drinks, pre-workout, energy bars etc..)
- All these benefits you get them at 24/7.
- You will be given a tag-key to enter the gym anytime u feel like going.

Let's not compare to Premium gyms like Fitness First where they provide attire, which probably cost you around $120+/mth for all the benefits above.

Personally, I live in Yishun, and work at Marina Bay.. Found Anytime Fitness Gym Locations very convenient for me.

Anytime Fitness gym locations:
- Ang Mo Kio (near market with cheap and healthy food)
- Woodlands
- Toa payoh
- Bedok (near mrt and nice cheap food too)
- Tanjong pagar (near most office buildings)
- Nex (Serangoon shopping mall)
- Kallang Wave Mall (Stadium shopping mall)
- West Coast
- Jurong Central
- Jurong Gateway

For more locations you can see here:

Hope this will help anyone out there to find a suitable gym for you :)

If you're interested to sign up for Anytime Fitness, call or msg me, Ethan, at 81824768. I am including a FREE Protein Shaker Bottle at Anytime Fitness.
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