10 best places to run in Singapore


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7 Jun 2011
Singapore measures only a little more than 700 square km but hosts a terrific variety of trails for the island's runners.

While it's impossible to escape the humidity, certain trails -- MacRitchie and Southern Ridges -- provide a respite from the heat, and on weekends are packed with avid runners putting in the miles.

Here's a guide to 10 of the best routes -- both long and short -- catering to varying abilities.

1. MacRitchie Reservoir Loop
Singapore’s largest water catchment area is also one of its more popular exercise destinations.

The trail that circumvents the reservoir gradually brings you closer to Nature: you start on asphalt, near man-made facilities, before heading off along the reservoir via a wooden boardwalk. The trail eventually leads deep into the jungle, where the boardwalk gives way to a dirt track.

A word of advice: Bring water and eat your pre-run snack before you enter the jungle. The monkeys here are mostly harmless, albeit rather shameless food-snatchers.

Route: www.stepwhere.com/maps/route/MacRitchie-Reservoir-Loop

Distance: 9.7km

Recommended for: Intermediate to advanced runners. The route leads deep into the jungle surrounding the Reservoir, far from amenities and civilization, so you have to be comfortable with the distance.

Amenities: Average. Shower and bathroom facilities, along with lockers and refreshment stalls, are available at the start and end points only. In between, the jungle will have to be your bathroom. There are bathroom and water facilities round the entrance point of the HSBC Treetop Walk.

Junction of Lornie Road and Thomson Road.

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