Promotion $100 off Ultimate Performance Membership


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19 Mar 2017
Ultimate Performance is one the best gyms in the city when it comes to client satisfaction. They have the leading personal trainers in the world focussed on getting you your desired results. Located right in the heart of CBD on Cecil Street, you can conveniently walk up to it before or after work.

I am offering you a $100 rebate if you take up the membership. It's a good gym but expensive, and a $100 goes a long way in savings. Normal rates are mentioned below:

18 Off-Peak Sessions $3466.80
36 Off-Peak Sessions $6548.40
50 Off-Peak Sessions (after 5% discount) $8640.25
100 Off-Peak Sessions (after 10% discount) $16371.00

Check out the gym here and let me know if interested: