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    Sg One Stop Fitness
    NCFS Certified Personal Trainer - Top Scorer

    Why Settle for the Norms?
    ●Recommended & Mentor by Chung Tze Khit Celebrity & Professional Trainer.
    ●Train with the Finest Instructor in Fitness
    -Equipped with the Finest Knowledge & Technique
    -10 Years of Experience in Fitness
    ●Always Train with a CERTIFIED Personal Trainer as they are Fitness Professionally Train to Coach, to not only achieve Progress towarda yr Goal but to also Minimise the Risk of Injuries.

    Lesson of Life
    -Pls be aware that some Selfie posted by Uncertified Trainers are not achievable as most claim they are not on Steriods but they are.
    -There is no way you could achieve fat-loss and yet gain muscle.
    -When you lose fats you would lose abit of muscle
    -Logically unachievable, even Tze Khit as famous as he is in Sg but he mention about these too


    -Functional Training
    -Strength Training
    -Lean, Definition and Cutting
    -Postural Correction
    -Laxity Joint Improvement
    -Weight-loss / Fat-loss

    Why Online Program
    -Structural Program, correct sequence, correct workout & rest time interval between sets
    -Guidance on Dine out meal which prevent hassle from meal preps and inconvenience and pushing one away from motivation
    -Calculation on a personal amount of maintenance calories and how many is consider appropriate for a negative caloric
    -Affordable than 6 month workout as everyone know fat loss required more than 3 days a week.
    -24hr personal help on Whatsapp on Workout or diet

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