12 weeks nutrition Plan


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8 Jul 2015
Good evening, my name is Kmaru a qualified personal trainer from Australia, certified from Victoria University of Footscray Melbourne. Currently I'm offering a 12 weeks nutrition Plan via online which I have been doing for almost 24 months.

Im offering Nutrition Consultation

I offer a program that will motivate and educate you as you transition your diet and grow beyond old eating patterns, and support you as you make simple but powerful lifestyle adjustments. Most people want to look better, feel better and live happier, more fulfilling lives. There are hundreds of diets out there, however each says something different. The interesting is that each does have scientific proof for their statements. So who do you believe?

For those who would like to know how to optimize their current nutritional practices or have interest in weight management while maintaining strength or fitness. The consultation includes an assessment of current nutritional habits based on fitness, level of activity and goals

Why Consult with me ? (Highly personalized)

I will create a program to address all your personal needs, taking into account your lifestyle, your individuality and your specific goals. You will learn your natural way of eating that will get you to your desired weight.

You can find more about my service at ; Instagram @physiqueforyou

contact me via whatsapp at :+6199909914