3 in 10 teachers experience 'cyber-baiting'... kids these days -.-


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4 Sep 2011
A new phenomenon called "cyberbaiting", where kids taunt their teachers, film the incident and post it online to embarrass the teacher or the school, has been identified.

Three in 10 Singapore teachers have personally experienced this or know of another teacher who has, said the latest Norton Online Family Report. Norton said this could be why 60 per cent of teachers in Singapore say being friends with students on social networks exposes them to risks.

Still, 75 per cent of them continue to "friend" their students.

Sixty-eight per cent of them said their school has a code of conduct on how teachers and students should communicate with each other through social media. Ninety-three per cent of teachers wanted more online safety education in schools, a position supported by most parents.

In Singapore, 71 per cent of kids said they have had a negative experience online with nearly half saying they had a serious negative encounter, such as receiving inappropriate pictures from strangers, being bullied or becoming the victim of cybercrime.

Another cause for concern is the high number of kids secretly using their parents' credit cards to shop online for music, video games and even event tickets. Twenty-three per cent of kids globally admit to doing without their parents' knowledge. Nearly half of the parents surveyed reported that their child has used their credit or debit card without permission.

Most parents in Singapore have rules on how their kids should use the Internet. Kids who follow the rules are also less likely to have a negative online experience.

The Norton Online Family Report conducted almost 20,000 online surveys in 24 countries including Singapore from February to March this year. Respondents included about 4,500 children aged between eight and 17.

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1 Nov 2011
Well I know a story that is the reverse on what is happening with your story. The student is complaining online on how the school treats its students and such and one of the teacher reported it with the school. The student is given a choice to remove the post and make a public apology or risk expulsion. Cyber baiting can go either way I believe.


9 Nov 2011
Its a shame that people think this is an acceptable thing to do these days, arent teachers supposed to be respected?

Although, i don't think i ever respect mine to be fair.