5 reason causes lower back pain


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22 Aug 2019
What causes lower back pain?

Whatever the reason, the moment you start to have back pain, it can be hard to shake i off. Every human being in this world should have at least encounter once low back pain in life. Is common for us to have back pain in our life as we grow older. Below are some way, we can minimise back problem,

Work hazard.

Restructure your work space so you wont get to hunch forward to see your computer monitor or reach way out for your mouse. Use a chair that have high back rest to supports your lower back and choose a reasonable chair high that will allows you to keep your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Watch your posture.

Try to keep you chest up right, it’s easier for your back to support your weight. When lifting heavy objects, be extra careful with your postures. Never bend over from the waist. Instead, bend and straighten from the knees.

Don’t Wear High Heels.

Throw away your four-inch heels for flats or low heels (less than 1 inch). High heels will create more unstable posture, and will also increase pressure on your lower spine. Especially those who have a weaker back muscles.

Kick your habits.

Smoking will increase the risk of osteoporosis of the spine and other bone problems according to research. Osteoporosis can in turn lead to compression fractures of the spine. Recent research found that smokers are more likely to have low back pain compared with nonsmokers.

Watch your weight.

Exercise and dieting to keep your weight within a healthy range for your height. Being overweight puts excess pressure on your spine. Heep your back muscles strengthen so it can help you in keeping up a good posture.


Treatment for lower back pain depends on the cause of the problem and the condition of the problem. Therefore, it is very importance that you understand the cause of your symptoms before embarking on a treatment program.

Get it check if the condition got worst, its not going to be fun as it will effect your daily routine.

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