7 day trial passes to Sky Fitness Singapore (T & C apply)


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20 Dec 2013
Singapore, Singapore
Hello people!

How is everyone doing! I have got 30+ free 7 day passes to Sky Fitness Singapore! Here's what you get:
1. 1 Bio-Physical Assessment - Clinically and scientifically proven to analyse potential health hazard, and nutritional deficiency for overall well-being. Conducted by Sky's Wellness Therapists.
2. 1 Dietary Assessment and Consultation - Guidelines for lifestyle modification and individualised diet planning by Sky's Nutritionists.
3. 1 Postural Assessment and Movement screening - Sedentary lifestyles lead to muscle imbalances which affects our spinal health. You may not notice and neglect it as your body can still withstand the strains till you experience chronic pain or discomfort. We identify and rectify the conditions before they accelerate.
4. 1 Personal Training session on corrective exercises and pain relieve (SMR); to let you understand which areas are weak and reduce your risk of injury during your daily life, performance or training.


Valid for a limited time only. Terms & Conditions apply. Come on down and visit our gym to redeem your free services and usage and take a tour!
Call/SMS/Whatsapp - Keeran @ 82809226 or PM me! All the best and Merry Christmas!