8 weeks fat loss programme.


12 Feb 2015
Have you ever wondered why is it so hard for you to get rid off all those stubborn fats around your body? Dieting religiously and exercising regularly and yet did not notice any significant changes? Giving up all the dieting and exercises due to lack of motivation.

Worry no more, I am providing a comprehensive 8 weeks intensive workout programme which will definitely show the results that you wish for and make sure that your hard work will be paid off.

These 24 session training programme will teach you everything that you need to know. Ranging from H.I.I.T, to core training to fundamentals of bodybuilding to advance techniques which you can use to accelerate your fat loss and muscle building process.

At an affordable price of only $25 per session ( Buddy Training ), my training programme would probably be the cheapest, effective and value for your money that you can currently find in the fitness industry.

My training programme would definitely yield the result that you desired. Each client body fat percentage would be measured 3 times thru out the programme. 1st time would be during the first session, second time would be at mid of the programme and lastly would be at the last session. There would be a significant drop in the total amount of fat and also a significant increase in your overall strength by the end of the programme.

Each client would be given an overall summary of the materials that would be taught thru out the 8 weeks programme. Client will learn something new during each session as there will not be a session which are identical.

Some of the things which my client would be taught will include,
- Different methods of cardio training
- Different types if advance techniques to intensify training
- Dietary and supplementation advice that will help to accelerate fat loss
- More than 50 different types of exercises that you can include in your workout
- Basic foundation of core training , High Intensity Interval Training, Strength Conditioning and Circuit Training.

What you will be getting for signing up my fat loss programme?
- Access on most important area to improve on ( Weak areas )
- Minimal loss of 5kg after completion of programme
- Work out summary for personal references
- 24/7 online support if there is anything you need to ask
- Healthier / stronger / fitter body 
- Before and after picture for comparison
- Certification after programme completion
- Decrease in overall body fat percentage
- Training outline for the entire 8 weeks programme
- Each and every muscle group will be covered from top to toe

Who will benefit in signing up these programme?
- Those who are looking to lose the tummy fats
- Preparing for National Service Recruitment
- Building confidence and strength
- Beginner in the fitness industry
- Post pregnancy
- Bridal prep
- Intermediate trainer who wish to break their plateau in terms of strength
- Post op recovery

Lesson would be conducted at Woodlands Active Sg gym. It can also be conducted at a location nearer to you with an additional transport fee. No gym membership is required.

Now is the best time for you to start changing the way you live your life. Your outer self is the reflection of your inner self. Let others notice the physical changes of your body. Hear more positive comments and compliment from them. Feel the differences yourself when you are significantly stronger, fitter and healthier.

Make this year the best year of your life. Start the changes NOW. If you are shy or feel uncomfortable going to the gym for the first time. I would highly recommend the BUDDY training package, where I would be train both of you at the same time. It will be more fun and also more challenging at the same time. It will also reduce the feeling of awkwardness that you might get training in the gym for the first time. The best part is it would be CHEAPER at only $25 per person. Both if you would SAVE $240 in total.

I also do provide dry cupping, meridian tap and deep tissue massage for you to release the muscle ache and soreness due to the intensive training. I would be giving away 1 FREE massage treatment if you were to include it in the package.

Hurry up and don’t miss this chance for you to transform and get the body that you have always desired.

Ways to contact me
- Pm here directly
- Whatsapp / msg or call @ 9148 0394
- Or thru my FB page @

Slots would be limited to ensure thorough follow up from my side. Do book your session with me now and you wont regret it. The best investments are the ones that is made to yourself. If you are still sceptical and unsure. Do check out reviews on my other training ads by my clients on how I conduct my training.

Looking forward to hear from you soon..... cheers

Each new referral will get you 1 extra lesson with me for free 

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12 Feb 2015
Slots still available to those who r keen n serious to train... msg me at 9148 0394 for faster reply. Thanks